How can we help you?

By providing a full range of critical information technology services and solutions no matter where our customers are doing business, ConfigUSA is a key technology partner for many of the world’s premier companies. ConfigUSA capabilities span a broad spectrum of value-added information technology services including:

Direct Placement

Today, hiring managers and key procurement personnel have a virtually overwhelming number of sources for information technology professionals to fill permanent positions. Internet-based job boards, college fairs, advertisements or personal referrals can generate dozens of candidates for one position. Handled internally, sorting, screening and interviewing all of these candidates can take days, weeks or even months – potentially crippling critical IT projects and support operations. Worse yet, many candidates these sources return may not even have the basic qualifications needed to join your team. As the national economy surges higher, analysts and executives from many sectors agree that the need for full-time IT professionals is sure to skyrocket. Clearly, finding the best IT professionals will continue to be a challenge; companies who are able to fill permanent positions the fastest are ensuring their ability to stay competitive and future success.

Years of candidate sourcing experience at your service

ConfigUSA realizes how critical it is to find the best IT professionals rapidly – finding candidates faster than our competitors is has been our primary business focus for the past 20 years. We judge our entire account management process on how quickly we respond to client requests. Our nationwide team of business development managers and recruiters use these processes to develop a pipeline of top IT professionals ready for assignments. Our clients searching for full-time candidates can access this pipeline through our permanent placement practice.

Recruiters in all major markets

ConfigUSA unites our established recruiting network with a nationwide team of direct hire recruiters focused specifically on filling permanent placement orders. These recruiters represent only non-consulting candidates with successful track records in their respective sectors. Our Direct Hire recruiters are based in major markets throughout the country.These recruiters work as a team to search their local markets for permanent placement candidates. Major areas of expertise ConfigUSA Direct has provided candidates for include:
  • Web Development
  • Workday
  • Sales force
  • Kronos
  • AWS
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • SAP Services & Solutions
  • Database Design, Development, and Administration
  • Systems Analyst
  • Project Management

Expedited Recruiting Process

While ConfigUSA is founded on a system of well-tested processes, these processes can be further tailored to meet each client’s need or to compensate for changing demands in the volatile IT employment market. Upon receipt of a request, our recruiters will contact the client to set milestones for the interview process. Fully screened candidates can be delivered for interviews within days. Our recruiters will follow up with their clients after the interviews to close the order candidate is offered the position or ask further questions to help screen for the next set of candidates.